A hunger to help: Aussie Care discount food store prepares for Maitland CBD reopening

FIGHTING HUNGER: Marli Accommodation Services president Liz Berger (right) with volunteers Steve and Sharyn Bone and Linda Campbell. Photo: Marina Neil. Discount food store Aussie Care will soon be back on its feet, witha rebirth in the Maitland CBD slated forlater this month.
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It means Maitland residents experiencing a tough time will still be able to access food and support – something that appeared at risk when the organisation went into administration earlier this year at their Thornton site.

But the crew from Marli Accommodation Services swooped in, buying the business and setting it up in a new premises at 359 High Street.

Marli Accommodation Services presidentLiz Berger is confidentthe new CBD location will greatly increase accessibility for the people who need it most.

“We totally think it will be hugely successful in the Maitland CBD,”Ms Berger said.

“Not everyone has a car, but now people can come here via bus or train.

“It’ll make it a lot easier for them.”

Ms Berger said purchasing the company ensured it would continue to be able to help the many families and individualsin Maitland who relied on it.

“The main thing we wanted was to rescue it from disappearing,” she said.

“We know how many people really depend on it.”

While the food bank will soon be up and running again, the new owners have a much grander vision for their new site, which stretches across two floors on High Street.

Ms Berger said that upstairs is in the midst of being fitted out as an office area, where residents will be able to book out a desk and a computer for the day which they can then use to produce resumes and other documents.

That’s not all though,with plans underway for free exercise and yoga areas as well as space forparenting programs and a legal aid service, withmore services tobe added in time.

Ms Berger said it was about making the most of their new CBD location.

“It’s about giving people access to all these services they might not have at home, so they can do as much as possible here,” she said.

“We think it’ll be really successful.”

The shop is expected to officially open on July 28.