Chinan Ninja Warrior: Fans call for Roy and HG to sit in commentator’s box

n Ninja Warriorhas been slaying the primetime competition, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from coming up with a rather absurdrequest.
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Ninja Warrior is popular. Well, the athletes at least.

In recent days, social media has lit up every time the addictive sports entertainment show goes to air. From the cushy confines of their living rooms, punters have shared their delight over moments of brute strength and hilarious fails.

But among the mountain of praise lies an idea that just won’t go away, with armchair warriors insistingNinja Warrior’sn hosts – Ben Fordham, Rebecca Maddern and Freddie Flintoff – aren’t “charismatic” enough for the job.

Some have even gone as far as to suggest the trio need to be replaced by Triple M’s Roy Slaven and HG Nelson in order to provide some comic relief. The pair are well-known for their alternative commentary for the Olympics (and, closer to home, the State of Origin).

The real hosts (left) Ben Fordham, Rebecca Maddern, Freddie Flintoff and (maybe) the preferred hosts, Roy and HG. Pic: Channel 9

Ninedeclined to comment but given the show’s strong ratings the network is unlikely to be in any hurry to change the line-up.

Even if they were able to convince Roy and HG to step into the commentary box,it would be too late, the show was filmed last year in Sydney making it impossible for new commentators to be parachuted in.

Roy and HG have been approached for comment. They’re on holidays at the moment, though, soNinja Warriorfever is probably the last thing on their minds.

#ninjawarriorau Hey @channel9, how many retweets is needed to get Roy and HG to commentate?

— Stanks (@ssvetec) July 9, 2017this run alone has shown #NinjaWarriorAU need for better commentators… a post from last nights show is spot on. Where is Roy and HG?

— Luke Michael (@LukeAus) July 10, [email protected] has bucked the trend, proving you don’t need charismatic hosts to produce successful TV #NinjaWarriorAU

— Jason Oxenbridge (@JOxenbridge) July 11, 2017