Newcastle Rugby League: Western Suburbs second-rower Ben Stone quietly impresses coach Matt Lantry

TOUCH: Western Suburbs second-rower Ben Stone has been impressive for the ladder-leading Rosellas in 2017 with coach Matt Lantry praising the 21-year-old’s ability to do all the “little things”. Picture: Marina NeilOn the surface Western Suburbs are just a clean cut above everyone else.
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Leading the Newcastle first grade competition with just one loss, comfortablyholding the best for and against records while alsoaveraging a 22-point marginfromthe opening 10 games.

Underneath it all doing the dirty work is Ben Stone.

The 21-year-old Belmont Southsecond-rower comes from good rugby league stock –dad Rick the former Knights coach and younger brother Sam a current NRL player.

And while sometimes “underestimated” Wests mentor Matt Lantry knows the value of this Maltese international and counts his lucky stars to have the Lakes junior at Harker Oval in 2017.

“It hasn’t gone unnoticed,” Lantry said.

“We’re paying 200 points for him and it’s probably the best 200 points we’ve spent.

“He’s well respected by his teammates andjust does all the little things.

“A guy actually described him to me just recently as the Dallas Johnston [former n forward] of the footy team or even like Alan Tongue [former Canberra skipper].They don’t do all flashy things, but they do all the little shitty things.”

Lantry can rattle off Stone’sweekly statistics –30 or 40 tackles and15 carries for 100-plus metres –but it’s much more than simply crunching the numbers.

“Work ethic,” Lantry said.“I thoroughly enjoycoaching him for what he bringsto the table because helets his actions do all the talking.

“And hiseffort areas are so impressive – it’s kick chase, it’s trail on the inside, it’s saving a try. He nevermisses an assignment andunderstands the gamewell.”

Lantry and Stone crossed paths at the Knights last year with NSW Cup. It was an insight on what to expect and potentially what’sto come.

“He always turns up and doeshis job,” Lantry said.

“Week in and week out you know what you’re going to get from him.

“You don’t have to worry about how he prepares orwhat his mental state is before a game because when Ben Stone’s there to play he gets it done.

“I’d actually like to think we’ll have him at Wests for a long, long time. He has great leadership qualities and is apotential leader amongthat group down the track.”

Although at a new club Stone has linked up with a few familiar faces at Wests, including playmaker Ryan Walker and utility James Elias,and feels that has been part of the team’s success.

“It was a bit hard to go from Lakes to Wests but Matt [Lantry] has got the right crew there and I’mreally enjoying my footy,” Stone said.

“It’spretty much the same players as last year [from Wests] plus five of us cameover and we all played together [at Knights] last year. So we’vegelled pretty well.”